About Keel Surf & Supply

From the humble beginnings of our temporary pop-up sale back in 2012, the Keel Surf & Supply store has become a place of solace. First opening the doors in early 2013 in Freshwater, Australia as a way for owners Jason and Tarsh Langendam to offer their own take on what surfing meant to them, the Keel Surf & Supply community has grown through the decade to become a true staple and a place many surfers, artists, designers and brands strive to gather. In that time, Keel Surf & Supply gear slowly began to evolve through collaborations with local and inspiring artists offering their take on the brand.

The undeniable reason Keel Surf & Supply has grown to the brand of today is the moral compass of owners Jason and Tarsh. Life for them is about new adventures, about having as much fun as you possibly can within this small window of time, and the store is curated full of the stuff that makes life all the more enjoyable. If they’re not in store you’ll find them in the mountains, at the beach, camping up and down the coast or exploring new places. 

From humble beginnings to the community of today, the journey of Keel Surf & Supply has been memorable, and we look forward to continuing to relish in the good times.