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On The Journal

  • Gifts for the Beach Bum

    It’s summertime in the Southern Hem and your phone’s lighting up with those archived group chats filled with our bi-annual friends who re-emerge when the sun’s back out. You know those true beach bum’s who live their best life with toes in the sand and hair wet with salt? This gift guide was curated for them, so take a look and save some time!
  • Gifts for the Homebody

    You know the smell, the one that masks any notions of too many days on the couch, the one that smells of sandalwood and incense yet feels incredibly welcoming like a warm hug. It’s your friends house every time you rock up, that real home body who enjoys a well-balanced home and for them we’ve got a bounty of high quality gifts, check them out!
  • Gifts for the Surf Dog

    This one’s for the saltiest of dogs, the crusty friend of yours that hits the water no matter the conditions and proceeds to glide in full trim mode, concerning themselves less with getting ‘three to the beach’ and just ‘enjoying the ride, man’. The friend that scatters Greenough’s around their home alongside packs of used wax and solarez. This guide is for them, so tap in below and make ease that shopping stress.