Book Club by Wes Glover

For the initial instalment of our book club series, we’ve leant on the tall and friendly talents of our Canadian shop host Wes Glover. Publishing recent work for the likes of Monster Children and with a biblical understanding of the nuances of alternative surf, we couldn’t think of a better chap to kick things of and share some insight into a few key books resting on the shelves of our flagship.

Follow the link below to see a selection of Wes’ favourite books and why. Each title is available at the Keel Surf & Supply Freshwater flagship and online.

An inspiring read that takes the cake at the top of our coffee table book curation. Flip open Surf Shacks and you’ll find a much softer side of surfing. Interviews with creatives who have taken their love of the ocean into stunning home design. An absolute must have for those of us who need a jolt of inspiration and motivation over morning coffee.

We have been raving about this mag ever since it landed in the shop. Emocean is an everyperson surf magazine that champions diverse perspectives and the narratives of female surfers. It’s also got some mental imagery of surfing, like Beau Cram tucked as deep in a cavern as I have ever seen. Printed on great paper stock and feels heavy and book-like.

If you missed the film on iconic surfing samurai Gerry Lopez, read the book. Gerry is a great writer and has inspired a generation of surfers to stay true to the real feeling of surfing. Most of us will never surf Pipeline, so why not experience the awe, fear and ultimate satisfaction of finding the tube in Gerry’s words? For fans of William Finnegan’s ‘Barbarian Days’.

For those of us who want some inspiration for a glorious weekend trip, a longer vacation off the beaten track, or a nomadic journey around the globe. Celebrate a life on the move with vans, overland vehicles and their passionate owners who, like all of us, are looking to escape the monotony of everyday life.