Vouch 9'2" Rolled Vee Noserider ~ Beige/Red

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Rolled Vee Noserider 

Beige Pigment rail & bottom, red pigment insert, red pinline.

Born out of necessity.

While we may not be into noseriding, our customer base certainly is and we thought it about time to give the people what they want.

Same tail and back end as our Rolled Vee #1, but with a re-worked front half and slightly boxier, more forgiving rails. With a slight concave under the nose, this board is super stable on the tip while being super loose and easy to throw around from the tail.

Comes standard with a 9.75” Greenough style flex fin.

Lengths from 8’8” to 9’6”.

Vouch 9'2" Rolled Vee Noserider ~ Beige/Red-Keel Surf & Supply