Vouch 8'4" Rolled Vee # 1 ~ Magenta

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Originally made to ride as an alternative to clunky 9 footers, we based this around McTavish’s boards in Hot Generation. Paul always hated flat panel Vee’s as they were too tracky. So we took the flat panel away and replaced it will a rolled Vee. This roll continues all the way through the board and helps with getting the board on rail where it loves to be surfed from, rather than pivoted from the tail.
The rails start quite ‘up’ in the nose running through to 50/50 and then flowing into a 60/40 ‘down’ rail in the tail, all soft and flowing.
Perfect for guys not wanting to ride longer boards but still wanting that trim feeling, and also wanting a longer board that can still be “surfed” properly and put on rail.

Lengths from 8’0” to 8’7″

Vouch 8'4" Rolled Vee # 1 ~ Magenta-Keel Surf & Supply