Thomas Surfboards 9'4" Wizl ~ Olive

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Thomas Surfboards 9'4" Wizl ~ Olive Tint

This is the most exciting and one of the most popular additions to the Thomas Surfboards longboard lineup. The Wizl is our take on a classic all-rounder, and with it we can pretty much forget our previous attempts. This Wizl has to be the most dynamic turner in our list of models, & it noserides like a dream too. With subtle adjustments to our typical rocker, and a tail that is slightly pulled in, the Wizl is an incredibly functional and easy to ride longboard. A medium blended concave leads to a flat bottom, with slight V and a soft edge shaped into the tail. The design is currently a go to for a single longboard quiver to surf any and all conditions from onshore junk to perfect points.

Designed by Thomas Bexton

Thomas Surfboards 9'4" Wizl ~ Olive-Keel Surf & Supply