Surf Crime X DFW Stubby 7'6"

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This year the DFW edition Stubby comes in the 7'6" a Team favorite length for this hull shape. Designed for pocket surfing. Find clean and balanced lines for all around fun.

Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano designed the DFW Grant Noble Edition. 


7'6" x 22.63" 2.86" x 53.3L

Color - Egg Nog

Warning: This is not a softboard! 

This is like your favourite board with a 5mm full deck grip.

Surf Crime Boards are made with quality materials and no corners are cut. We shape our boards from 24kg EPS foam with 1-3 stringers depending on the length and bolster the strength with a bamboo sandwich deck and a double 6oz lamination top and bottom. 
Surf Crime X DFW Stubby 7'6"-Keel Surf & Supply

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