Surf Crime Noserider 9'5" ~ Umber

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Updated in 2020 the Nose Rider is a fully evolved design that has had 3 rounds of revisions to get it just right. If your looking for a well balanced, easy turning board for max tip time, this is it. Perfect choice for beginners and experienced long boarders.


9'5" x 23.53" x 3.24" x 87.5L

Warning: This is not a softboard! 

This is like your favourite board with a 5mm full deck grip.

Surf Crime Boards are made with quality materials and no corners are cut. We shape our boards from 24kg EPS foam with 1-3 stringers depending on the length and bolster the strength with a bamboo sandwich deck and a double 6oz lamination top and bottom. 
Surf Crime Noserider 9'5" ~ Umber-Keel Surf & Supply