Raido Surf Kalbarri Single Fin ~ 9"

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Inspired by the famous George Greenough's template, this well-crafted, hand foiled, multilayered solid fibreglass *E-Glass fin will work great in all size conditions as a single, or 2+1 fin set up. 

This raked template has a stiff base for extra drive, stiffer flex throughout the fin, and a narrow slim flexy tip section for great maneuverability and sharper turns.
An excellent all-rounder choice for beaches and point breaks.


System: Box Fin 

Construction: Solid Fibreglass (E-Glass)

Height: 9" / Base: 7.1"  

* All fins come with phillips head screw & plate and solid brass pin.  

Raido Surf Kalbarri Single Fin ~ 9"-Keel Surf & Supply