McTavish Diamond Sea 6'10" ~ Green

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"The Diamond Sea is a classic case of 'inspiration into action' all thanks to having a shaping bay in my backyard. 14 years ago I was up late watching the movie Innermost Limits, watching Dad, Brocky, and especially Ted Spencer on his White Kite. Afterwards I had no choice but to walk into the shed and begin to shape. I shaped 2 zero rocker double-enders, with 50/50 Longboard rails, set them up as single fins with side bites, one for myself and one for Dad. He still has his! Peter Mo laminated them in brown pigment and I dubbed it the Caviar at the time. I really loved the way it surfed in small point waves and I ended up making quite a few customs. Over the years it kind of faded out and I would do one here and there. Then I started noticing displacement hulls getting around. I didn't realise it at the time but the Caviar was a hull, so a few years ago I decided to shape another one for myself having fond memories of the old ones. However this time I flattened the rocker even more, pinched the rail even tighter, added a slight single concave to flat vee, and went strictly single fin. I loved it and so did all that rode it. There is a feeling of being engaged with the wave mainly because of the pinched rail sitting deep in the water. Combine this with having just the right amount of tail edge it really allows you to hot dog it! I am so so stoked to have this board in the Mctavish range." - Ben McTavish

Designer: Ben McTavish 

Available Lengths: 5’5” – 6’5”

Typical Lamination Details: 6oz volan top and bottom – tinted

Fin Details: Single fin box, comes with 9” Hull fin

McTavish Diamond Sea 6'10" ~ Green-Keel Surf & Supply