McTavish 5'5" Butterball

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After a slightly frustrating, mostly inspiring surf on a mini Simmons I shaped the first Butterball. I totally dug the straight plan-shape which allows you to go so short, and the extra thickness gave great paddle and a buoyant ‘above the water’ feel, which feels great in small waves, think fun! The 4 fin set-up gives it positive direction, you just think and it turns, but works with the parallel outline for length projection. The stringer-less blank lets you load power into a turn and flings out with speed. A novelty board that can be taken as serious (or not) as you like. Fun fact: Butterball was my nick-name as a toddler, apparently I had super fat round brown cheeks and a shock of white blond hair.. Bennie Butterball…..Thanks mum n dad…    

Designer: Ben McTavish

Available Lengths: 5’0” – 5’7”

Typical Lamination Details: 4 x 4 x 4oz lightweight

Fin Details: FCS2 Quad

McTavish 5'5" Butterball-Keel Surf & Supply

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