McTavish The Vinnie 5'7"

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The Vinnie 

Everyone who surfs knows the fish is a legitimate surfboard that deserves a place in anyone's quiver. Ever since Steve Lis made the first fish back in the late sixties it has been a catalyst in the alternative surfboard scene, creating way for new design ideas and shapes. Ben McTavish has been using Steve Lis templates to influence and create his own shapes and boards since 2004. For 2016 Ben has created is own take on the timeless fish.. The Vinnie.

Using Steve's orignal lines, he's pulled the nose in and added a slight side cut to pull the tail in a touch, thus making backside handling more functional. Combine this with the smaller fin template and an alteration to the fin position and you'll notice the Vinnies gives fine release off the top and a complete feeling of control. Extra volume in the chest area and the forgiving 60/40 forward rails come together to make the Vinnie a super reliable, well balanced twinny.

Designer: Ben McTavish



McTavish The Vinnie 5'7"-Keel Surf & Supply

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