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A modern compact based on the best design features from 50 years of surfboard development, the Sherpa oozes excitement. The Sherpa has taken the classic full template from the late sixties, the low entry rocker that delivers great trim, the boosted power of double concave from the shortboard, and added the sweetest user-friendly fin set-up into one package. The fullness and low rocker allow very early paddle-ins and electric trim. The bottom shape provides the accelerator while the fins add simple control, with the very specific glassed-on side-bites providing the holding power in steep situations, as well as the hold when banked to the extreme with the main fin running free. The round but reasonably fine rails permit long arcs on edge, and the compactness encourages fast reaction in all turning situations. An exciting new design built on the shoulders of all that's gone before! The Sherpa's glassing is also unique, with its overlapping deck patches and cut laps. It's inspired by Harrison Roach, Noosa's most versatile ripper!
MCTAVISH SHERPA 7'0"-Keel Surf & Supply

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