McTavish RAMBLER 6'7"

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McTavish RAMBLER 6'7"

6'7" x 20" x 2 5/8"

38 Litres

Aqua Blue

The eternal quest of the surfboard shaper to build a board that handles all conditions - the one board travel dream.  2 +1 fin set up with a stout 6" centre and drop sized side bites, pull the fin back in the box when it's solid and piping, the narrow blended tail outline handles power nicely, channels add bite and straightens the tail rocker under the back foot, which promotes speed. On small days push the fin forward and pivot on the tail or shuffle up and trim. Bigger days it acts as a great semi gun, with unreal paddle power and the thin pulled in diamond tail handles power, and claims a solid line through pipes. A great big-guy short board, also for short-boarders looking for more rail carve surfing, which is really refreshing after riding short curvy out-lined boards which have dominated for the last few years…..Get Rambling!   

Designer: Ben McTavish

Available Lengths: 6’0” – 7’6”

Typical Lamination Details: 6 x 4 x 6oz silane

Fin Details: Centre finbox with 6” Rambler fin + glass-on Rambler side fins

Custom orders available

Located at the Freshwater store

McTavish RAMBLER 6'7"-Keel Surf & Supply

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