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We have had huge success with our short swallow-tail variety of twins and have made a bunch of short curvy out-lined pulled-in pintail twins, however they never quite had the spark and drive of the wider tail swallows, especially in small to head high waves. After a few years of fine-tuning, we added about a foot of length in the middle to straighten the rail line. It came in at 6’11” and had glimmers of brilliance but still lacked an all round consistent feeling. The next time around we added a single front-foot concave, tucked edge chine bottom rail, moved the fins forward a couple of inches and the El Reyo Verde was born. It surfs as flashy as the name it bears, combining the best attributes of a mid-length and a twinny. The foam right under your chest gives it amazing paddle power and a spark and speed typically only found in short, swallow tail twins, all delivered in an elegant outline that flows and swoops like no other.
MCTAVISH EL RAYO VERDE 6’11-Keel Surf & Supply

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