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I wanted to strip back the elements of an Asym design and find out what each section of the board does to its performance, starting with the fins. Like many surfers I have been an almost 'twin-fin only' guy for the last 10 or more years. With that comes the amazing front side capabilities of a twin, but also the occasional nursing nature when backside. With Poached, we went with a modern quad set up on the ever powerful heel side, which has proved to be a favourite among a lot of surfers in the performance world, and kept the toe side as a twin, more of a MR style fin not a full keel (which is another story). 

To complement the fin set up, I wanted a simple piece of foam that was neutral, had its own energy, and didn’t over-power the fin set up. Basically a control board for the fins (heel / toe) to shine or not. A total experiment. So when I came in from my first surf on it I was blown away by how smooth and how fast and drag free it felt, and the more you gave it, the more it liked it. Effortless high glides but full-on round-house cutbacks. I needed to give it to other surfers to try - maybe it was just my head, but the feedback just kept coming back positive - and all spoke to the feeling of flow and attack. Radical grace. 

So here we are, a beautiful piece of foam with a bespoke fin set up for either Natural or Goofy surfers. And yes it goes as good front side as it does back side. I am so surprised that a full on experiment ended up as a board we would sell. But after riding it, it's a no brainer.

MCTAVISH 6'6" POACHED GOOFY-Keel Surf & Supply

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