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Since I started building boards I have been totally enthralled and absolutely confused with flex in a surfboard! So much in surfing is based on feelings - data that is based on how good a board goes in the conditions it was built for. But those feelings vary from person to person depending on ability, positive and negative head space, what you personally expect from that board, wave quality etc etc. However, one solid fact is that the right amount of flex in a board feels amazing, and is highly functional as it loads energy in a turn and releases that energy out of a turn creating speed, and the ability to fit the board in a tight wave face curve making it super forgiving. Eg: In the early R&D of the Butterball, I made one with a stringer and it felt horrible! It lost all it’s spark & quick reaction time, and It would nose dive in tight sections. Without a doubt low rockered, short, thick PU boards go better without a stringer, but when the waves get bigger and better those boards with all that tail area get a bit hard to manage. So with that knowledge we wanted push the Stringerless PU board into a 'good wave' Perfomance board, and despite its “fish” appearance the Mystic is exactly that - A hybrid performance board! The extra width and lower rocker compensate for the flex, but a tucked chined bottom rail narrows up the feel of the board. Deep single concave to double to vee, It’s glassed light, it's sparky and reactive, and has a modern quad fin set up. When shaping the first one Van Morrison’s ‘Into the mystic’ was treating my ears, thought it went well with the mystery of flex...… 
MCTAVISH 5'9" MYSTIC-Keel Surf & Supply

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