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Hard is for those hot days or when in need of a good base coat. Depending on where you live Hard can be applied as your daily top up in those more tropical regions or laying down a solid foundation on a new board.

Plastic free surf wax.

Petrochemical free.

Made from 100% Australian Beeswax and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Packaging is compostable and biodegradable.


What’s the best way to apply Good Surf Wax?


Start by removing all existing wax (if not Good Wax). Start with hard wax (black cup) to form base coat. Apply in a criss cross pattern using the edge of the wax. Take your time and start from the top of your board and work your way to the bottom. Then apply soft wax (red cup) to form a topcoat. Using small circular movements start to layer the entire board. The average surfboard will need 1 block of hard & 1 block soft waxFor best results your board will need a generous layer of wax.

Good Surf Wax - Hard-Keel Surf & Supply
Good Surf Wax - Hard-Keel Surf & Supply

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