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The Gato Twin has a generous entry rocker compared to most boards in this category which makes getting into tight sections easy, this blends into a long single concave, which keeps the rocker fast and flat through the stringer along the bottom of the board. The underside of the board bevels slightly up at the rails allowing for easy transitions into turns.

The Gato Twin comes in 2 fin options. Firstly, with glass on keel fins - allowing the board to have incredible hold and drive, draw long arcing turns and gain incredible speed down the line. The second option is with futures fin boxes which allows the surfer to surf a more upright Mark Richards style fin for a tighter turning approach to the wave. This is a versatile twinny, another model that truly works in variety of conditions for most levels of surfers. Its stable and easy to catch waves on and can perform to a level of the most advanced surfer if pushed hard.
GATO HEROI TWIN 5'7"-Keel Surf & Supply

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