Diggin' Magazine ~ Vol 16 It's Our Turn

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Snowboard Journal
Diggin' Magazine ~ Vol 16 It's Our Turn
Japanese only, Mostly Visual. 

今号「IT'S OUR TURN」は、実は、このターンというアクションを純粋に追う特集ではない。言ってみれば、そのシンプルが故に奥の深い道をどこまでも歩み続けているスノーボーダーたちの感覚世界、のオハナシ。つまり不器用だけど真っ直ぐな生き様のようなもの。

OUR TURN.... 我々の番です。その真意をぜひ感じ取ってみてください。
"SNOW SURF". A deep keyword that has been reconstructed as a culture as a word. We will approach the culture from the perspective of snowboarders. It tells the overwhelming and impressive photographs and their stories at home and abroad.


Give your riding a rhythm, steer in the direction you want to go, accelerate, brake.
Curiously, we unknowingly use every turn. Given that, the act of "turning" seems to be "breathing." Although it is indispensable, it is established outside of consciousness. On the other hand, if you turn your attention to the turn, delicate control is required for every movement. That is why it is "deep because of its simplicity".

This issue of "IT'S OUR TURN" is not, in fact, a special feature that purely follows the action of this turn. In other words, Ohanashi is the sensory world of snowboarders who continue to walk the deep roads because of their simplicity. In other words, it's a clumsy but straightforward way of life.
OUR TURN .... It's our turn. Please feel the true meaning.


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